Jaime Hemsani

Jaime Hemsani

By KELLY VRAJITORU, Journalist/freelance writer 

Profile: Jaime Hemsani
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Residence: Mexico City
Years in the business: 25+

After decades in the industry, Jaime Hemsani knows a thing or two about fashion, pushing the limits of design and how to stay true to himself. Long ago a career change led from originally studying chemistry and engineering to the world of high fashion and he never looked back. His highly personalized approach to client relations and sensitive attention to detail set Jaime apart
from the rest. It was my pleasure to chat with him about his approach to fashion and life in general.

Jaime, what did you learn from your earliest experiences in the industry?
When I began I wanted to fill the blank spaces in my own wardrobe, and make things for myself and close friends and clients, I wanted to do something that others weren’t. I started out working for other designers at first, but I was motivated to go out on my own very early.

How is working in fashion today different than when you first started out?
It’s very different! First, I’m not worried so much about what the fashion world thinks. I focus on what I like, my own collection, and my clientele. I do what I like, what I want, and what feels right. I feel free now. From the beginning, I started in high fashion; someone who knew me commissioned me and then word spread from there.

Online platforms like Instagram and Facebook are very useful for retail because they highlight the visual. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
Social media is very important. The online experience is important. People don’t necessarily go to stores to shop anymore. They like viewing things online, especially young people, because it’s the future.

How does living in such a vibrant place like Mexico City influence your work?
It influences me a lot. Out of all the major cities in the world, Mexico City is always going at a fast pace, and living in such a big city makes your head go faster too. It’s like the motor that powers a motorcycle. Even when I’m going out to dinner, I’m always watching and inspired by what I see. We love color! I’m always in touch with the colors here and it definitely influences my clothes. I love fun clothes, and I like to think my pieces are happy-not so dark, not so sad. 

How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?
Happy and comfortable, and at the same time sophisticated and sexy.

There’s so much pressure for designers to come out with amazing collections season after season. What advice can you share about keeping the creative process alive?
My own pressure. It’s in my soul, this constant search for something new and different. I don’t like to repeat pieces; it’s not sincere to myself as an artist.

What is your design process like? From capturing inspiration to the final product?
Designers often start from a topic, but I don’t choose to focus on only one thing. I’m inspired by what’s around me, what I see on the street, the Mexican culture, and I pick up inspiration from there. My creative process is my thought process. I once went to a museum in New York, and I was inspired by a painting and the technique the painter used. It’s life and art inspiring art. I care about what my feelings say to me and where they lead me. When you’re happy with what you’re designing and it comes from a happy origin, people can feel that.  Especially in fashion, if you create it in a way that is sincere and you believe in it, the public will buy it.

How would you like to see your business evolve in the future?
I would love to have a successful boutique in every major city in the world. Not for the recognition, but for more people to wear my clothes and feel happy.

Is there a motto you live by?
Always be true to yourself. Don’t follow or copy others-believe that you have great ideas and always trust them.

About the Author
Kelly Vrajitoru has been a journalist, writer and freelancer for over twenty years. She has written for corporate and strategic communications, non-profit organizations, and contributed to diverse brand campaigns with PR/Ad agencies. When not writing, she spends her time reading, traveling and with her family. Contact her directly at http://linkedin.com/in/kelly-vrajitoru-37129620 or via email at kvrajitoru@yahoo.com.

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