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David Edwards Clothier

Athleisure Menswear Jacket

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The David Edwards Clothier man believes in living life to the fullest.  He is on the move exploring the world's multifaceted cultures, challenging outdated fears and beliefs, and learning something new.  He needs a wardrobe that is versatile, dynamic and makes a sartorial statement when he walks into a room.

A bold new take on the smart athleisure jacket.  Jaime designs his clothes for the modern man on the go who wants clothes that are bold, sophisticated and versatile; he can wear it all day and debonair to keep wearing in the evening.  

This athleisure jacket has limited availability because we believe in small collections that are not repeated.

David Edwards Clothier is the exclusive US store of the Jaime Hemsani Collection. 

  • 100% microfiber
  • Patter:  geometric
  • Size:  large
  • Front zipper
  • Multi color geometric, solid back with detailed stripping 
  • Colors:  cool black, ghost white, bright green
  • Free overnight UPS shipping
  • Free same day Chicago delivery (limited availability-10 mile radius)
  • Made in Mexico

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