Cashmere. One of the rarest and most luxurious fibers in the world. This exceptionally silky material is proven to be up to eight times as warm as lambs wool despite its light weight and is known to be extremely long-lasting. But is it truly worth it? In other words, what are you actually paying for?

The Feel
Cashmere is soft and feels great against the skin as the fibers are much finer than wool and are spun tightly to produce a smooth, soft texture. Unlike synthetics which can leave you hot and sweaty, cashmere allows the body to breath which helps regulate temperature. The higher quality cashmere is gently harvested from goats in select regions and hand spun, making the finished product a true work of craftsmanship. This is why the price varies so much amongst cashmere products; a good cashmere from Italy or Scotland will last longer than any Chinese one.

The Production
From an ethical perspective, high end fabrics simply last longer, thus cutting down on waste and consumption. Due to the fact that they are inherently made better, clothes you spend more on often have a higher stitch factor, making the product more durable and designed to last.

Exclusive to David Edwards Clothier
David Edwards Clothier is excited to be able to bring you the finest Italian cashmere products outside of traveling to Umbria yourself. Following ancient traditions rooted in craftsmanship, Del Santo Cashmere specializes in fine luxury cashmere sweaters and scarves. It’s all they’ve focused on for decades. Italian refinement and attention to detail coupled with only the finest cashmere yarn ensures a cashmere scarf or sweater of unrivaled quality. Cashmere of this quality is exclusively for those who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and for those whom only the very best is acceptable. 

For Valentines, treat yourself or someone you love to the gift of comfort with cashmere.

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