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Edwards Buice, Owner and Creative Director of David Edwards Clothier

Self-titled the “anti-schulmper,” David Edwards Buice, better known as Edwards, has relentlessly pursued excellence in every facet of his life, not just fashion. As he says, “Real men DO wear pink and I’ve always been partial to color and prints.” Let’s find out more about what makes him tick and the evolution of David Edwards Clothier (DEC).

Our founder and Creative Director started his business because he wanted to develop a second career around the three passions in his life: fashion, travel and technology.  Edwards’ inspiration for DEC was a New York Times article about the lesser known fashion houses during New York Fashion Week having limited audiences at their shows because attendees were focusing on going to the marque fashion houses’ shows. He decided to be the “connector” between these unique, lesser known fashion houses and men who value wearing bold limited edition collections.  

A menswear revolution is clearly underway. It’s changing how men dress in the workplace and their personal lives and the smaller fashion houses are leading this revolution.  Modern men today have more freedom of expression in the workplace and in their personal lives.  Gone are the days when men only wore white or blue shirts with black, gray, or blue suits and a solid tie.  “Thank goodness and good riddance!” says Edwards. With very few exceptions, the shoes were always black or brown with black, brown, or blue solid socks.  With the rise of the technocrat, menswear has become less formal, “Even Goldman Sachs dress policy is business casual,” laughs Edwards. But menswear has also evolved into a more creative and fun space. Today's modern, successful man expresses his business acumen through his creative choice of color, textile, and pattern combinations in his clothing. 

Edwards decided to join this menswear revolution developing an online retail space whose mission would be threefold:


  • Introducing bold, modernistic fashion houses who are using novel textiles, colors and pattern combinations in their seasonal collections.


  •  A core belief that the world is a large, varied canvas that has vibrantly varied styles which I collect during my travel adventures and share through the David Edwards Clothier website. 


  • Offering menswear collections that our present and future clients can express their business ingenuity as well as their individuality through. All of our collections are remarkable and most importantly, limited edition.  The David Edwards Clothier man opens new business boundaries and he wants his wardrobe to do the same.


Edwards has always been a passionate fashion fan.  “There are pictures of me at age four dressing up in my dad’s suits and pretending to go to work with a briefcase in hand. Even at that age I was mixing the shirt, suit and tie patterns; luckily my stylish mother helped polish these ensembles so they were not too outrageous. Today my Personal Image Consultant, Bethany Siggins, advises and guides me each season in refreshing my closet with new color and pattern ensembles.” said Edwards.


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  • Bold, modernistic men's fashion

  • Vibrant syles sourced from world travels

  • Offering limited edition collections that raise the bar on men's business fashion