Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History and Fashion

February may officially be recognized as Black History month, but here at David Edwards Clothier we celebrate the contributions of Black designers and creatives all year long. We reflect on the role models, trailblazers and boundary breakers who have left their enduring mark on fashion and shown us the world through their lens. It hasn’t always been easy, but despite struggles and setbacks, nothing could keep their talent down.
   In her moving poem, Transit, poet Rita Dove wrote, “In the midst of horror we fed on beauty - and that, my love, is what sustained us.” Dove’s words remind us that in challenging and terrible times, we can choose to surround ourselves with positivity and beauty - and when we take the time to hear each others’ stories, we can develop a deeper understanding of history, the world, and one another.
   From the impact of brightly colored African textiles and innovative printing techniques widely used in global fashion, to the undeniable influence of hip hop and rap music on urban street style, Black designers throughout history have changed the fashion world for the better.
   We plan to highlight a few of our favorite African-American designers from the twentieth century and their contributions in a forthcoming post. In the meantime, be sure to share your thoughts with us about Black History month and how you’re celebrating.

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