Celebrating Black History Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Celebrating Black History Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

March has arrived and reminds us to savor the stillness and introspection of what is left of winter. Albeit, with a bit of glee in our hearts that the frost and cold is coming to an end! It’s also a lovely time to pause and reflect on the recent spotlight that always shines down on Black History Month in February. While it’s important to celebrate the many contributions of the African-American community including fashion designers, models, artists, architects, interior designers and others in the design world, it shouldn’t be reserved for only one month a year. History is not something which exists solely in the past. It is a living, breathing, ever-changing celebration.

David Edwards Clothier strives to include finely tailored clothing from BIPOC creatives around the globe. Our carefully curated collections celebrate and elevate the man who wears them, and provides a platform for lesser-known designers to promote their work. We champion the accomplishments of African-American creatives and are proud to support the next generation of designers and innovators - not just in February, but all year long. In that spirit, we will periodically feature profiles of African-American designers and contributors we think you should know.

We strive to listen, learn and lead in the space of diversity to elevate our workplace and our community at large. Won’t you join us on this journey?

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