Red Alert! Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Fiery Look

Red Alert! Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Fiery Look

Let's talk about the color that makes you stop, stare, and say, "wow, that guy has got style!" We're talking about red, of course! But choosing the right shade for your skin tone can be the difference between a fashion statement and a fashion faux pas.

✅ Cool Complexion (Fair to Olive): Embrace the coolness with blue-based reds 

✨Icy Cherry

✨Winey Burgundy

✨Dusty Rose

✅ Warm Complexion (Golden to Deep): Dive into the deep red with,

✨Fiery Orange-Red

✨Brick Red

✨Tomato Red

✅ Neutral Undertones (All Skin Tones; Lucky You!): You're the chameleon of the red spectrum! 

✨You have free reign! Experiment with both cool and warm shades to see what makes your heart race. Think chameleon vibes and endless possibilities.

Remember, these are just guidelines! Experiment, have fun and find the shade that makes you feel like the fire emoji you truly are.

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Now go out there and rock your red with confidence!


P.S. Would you like more in-depth advice selecting the right colors for your 2024 style?  Email me and I will share the contact information for an AICI Image Consultants in your area who can provide expert color advice.  


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