Take It Easy in the Big Easy:  New Orleans

Take It Easy in the Big Easy: New Orleans

I first traveled to New Orleans in 1982 with my family. For a kid whose travel outside North Louisiana had been limited to Six Flags over Texas and the beaches of St Pete, Florida, New Orleans was an exciting new world. I was instantaneously charmed by her Creole food, Spanish architecture, street music and friendly people. Over the years, as I occasionally returned, I made new discoveries, whether it was a great restaurant, a funky shop or a fascinating neighborhood. New Orleans further drew me under her spell on each visit.

 New Orleans has a reputation as a party town, and rightfully so. Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest attract large, rowdy crowds intent on having a good time. But if you are willing to wander off Bourbon Street, you will find a city rich with culture and history. True to her nickname, New Orleans is a place where you slow down and let your hair down. No one is in a hurry, and no one is trying to impress anyone. What you see is what you get. 

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I hope you have an opportunity to visit New Orleans, if you have not already. You’ll find a city that is welcoming, comfortable and multi-faceted. My top recommendations for food include 

 My top two places to stay in New Orleans are 

Be sure to visit

to get a well-rounded experience. 

 I love New Orleans for many reasons, perhaps most of all because she is a city unlike any other. Paris is wonderful, but it is decidedly French. Madrid is very Spanish, Milan is quite Italian, and so on. New Orleans was settled by the French amongst Native Americans. Then, she was owned by Spain for forty years. Up until the beginning of the 20th century, more foreign immigrants moved to New Orleans than Americans. The largest wave of immigrants came from Germany and Ireland. New Orleans was the first American city to host significant settlements of Italians, Greeks, Croatians and Filipinos. West Africans were also part of the mix. You can’t put your finger on New Orleans and peg her as one thing. She is everything. And she’s ready for your visit. Cheers!


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