I have organized an ensemble that mixies 3 patterns.

Unleash Your Style with Pattern Pairing Mastery (Mixing 3 Different Patterns)

Mixing 3 patterns can feel intimidating, but it's actually a lot of fun!

At David Edwards Clothier, we understand the power of a statement piece. You're a dynamic multidimensional man who thrives on individuality and making a statement.

Last week, we explored the art of mixing 2 patterns, and I'm excited to continue our journey into the realm of bold style choices. Today, let's push the boundaries even further with the art of mixing 3 patterns.

For men who are well-traveled, sports enthusiasts, and known for their impeccable sense of style, 3 patterns can create an unique and eye-catching look to showcase your confident, dynamic personality and adventurous spirit

Here's how to do it like a pro:

  • Start with a Statement Piece: Begin by selecting a statement piece from your collection of small menswear brands. Whether it's a vibrant floral shirt, a bold paisley tie, or a geometric patterned blazer, let this piece serve as the focal point of your ensemble.

  • Mix Patterns of Varying Scales: When combining three patterns, it's crucial to consider the scale of each pattern. Aim for a mix of large, medium, and small-scale patterns to create a visual interest without overwhelming the eye. For example, pair a bold floral shirt with windowpane pants and a white jacket with black stripes for a cohesive look

  • Experiment with Color: Don't be afraid to play with color when mixing patterns. Embrace complementary color palettes or experiment with unexpected color combinations to add depth and dimension to your outfit. Just remember to maintain balance and harmony throughout your ensemble.

By mastering the art of mixing three patterns, you'll elevate your style to new heights and solidify your reputation as a true fashion connoisseur. So go ahead, embrace the challenge, and let your creativity shine!

Do you need some statement pattern pieces for your closet? Checkout the international collection that I have personally curated for the multi-dimensional man like yourself.

If you have any questions about pattern mixing drop me an email me (edwards@davidedwardsclothier.com).

Happy pattern mixing!!!



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