The Boldness of Blue:  Vienna Inspiration!!!

The Boldness of Blue: Vienna Inspiration!!!

Hello, Beautiful!
As I awaken this morning to sunlight streaming in through the windows of my hotel, I almost had to pinch myself to remind me that we had actually arrived...
The romance, history, music and architecture captivated me the moment I stepped off the plane.  Craving a much needed vacation away from old routines, I jumped at the chance to explore this new old city and all it had to offer - along side with my travel advisor and husband, Frank Buttitta. We began our first day with breakfast at the historic and elegant coffeehouse, Cafe Landtmann, for smoked salmon, eggs, toast and pastries. No proper Viennese meal would be complete without fresh apfelstrudel and whipped cream! 
Vibrant color surrounds us everywhere we look, including our own wardrobes as we indulge our fascination with bold color. I am wearing one of my favorite limited edition designers, Jaime Hemsani, a rich cobalt shirt.
Travel was one of the inspirations that motivated me to establish an online menswear store, David Edwards Clothier.  I want to bring the thrill of travel and all the new possibilities it provides through our international collections from Jaime Hemsani (Mexico), Del Santo Cashmere (Italy), Casa d'Artes (Guatemala), Modèle du Prudence (Hong Kong) and Edo Popkin (Switzerland). Influenced by my travels around the world, I aspire for the collections to take away you from old dress routines to new experiences of wearing colors and styles that will inspire and excite you. Think rich shades, artisanal pieces, and indulgent layers to keep you warm and cozy and create a "wow" reaction to everyone who sees you.
Won’t you come along traveling the world with David Edwards Clothier?
We are just an email or phone call away to help you plan your bold, sophisticated, sexy ensembles for new personal experiences. 

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