Welcome Fall! New Season, New Closet

Welcome Fall! New Season, New Closet

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” my mother used to say.

As the seasons change and weather cools in much of the northern hemisphere, it’s time to assess conditions and review our wardrobes. Cleaning out closets, organizing accessories and refreshing your look can make all the difference in starting a new season or new year off right. Exchanging your lighter summer clothing and fabrics for fall and winter clothing can make the transition much easier. But where to begin? If you’re anything like me, I often swing open my closet doors only to feel at a loss in the jumble of clothing mixed together. And then I inevitably end up wearing many of the same pieces again and again on repeat. It’s times like these that investing in a personal stylist can be the secret to success.

Image consultant and founder of consulting firm Black Garment Bag, Andre Wilson provides personalized services and a much needed closet edit for his clients. A few carefully curated outfits can boost your confidence level and be a game changer for your WFH approach and will set the perfect tone for your next Zoom meeting. Speaking of fresh outfit creation and carefully curated pieces, David Edwards Clothier has all of your cool weather needs. From limited edition shirts and jackets from international designers, to cozy cashmere scarves, check us out today!

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