Welcoming Winter with Color

Welcoming Winter with Color

It seems like we were just getting used to fall, wearing cute boots, jeans and light sweaters, when practically overnight it appears winter has arrived. December in the Midwest brings its own unique set of blessings, with the beauty of softly falling snow and the stillness all around. But winter can also present some challenges, including shorter days, freezing temperatures and the very real effects that weather has on motivation and productivity. I mean, who doesn’t want to curl back up under the covers on a dark and chilly morning instead of jumping out of bed? 

If you’re like me and need a boost during winter, follow along for some easy ideas on how to keep your spirits up during these next few months. I try to approach most things in my life with intention and a sense of purpose and direction. Part of this formula is as simple as getting dressed every day. I love cozy yoga pants and elastic waistbands as much as the next person, but not every day. And as comfortable as Ugg winter boots may be, I feel like once I slip them on, I’ve given up a little bit and let down my style game. 

If the shorter days and darkness have got you down, a pop of color may be just the thing to energize you. We all want to feel hopeful and optimistic, so we shouldn’t mimic the overcast skies with our wardrobe. Black is a great base, but wearing an all black ensemble or drab grey everyday can be bad for morale. This season use brighter colors like red, pink, or orange in accent pieces or other accessories to refresh your standard items. Jewel tones are always appropriate around the holidays and a little sparkle goes a long way. A carefully styled scarf brightens up your overall look and attracts attention upwards to your face, which is especially useful during Zoom calls.

We may not be able to predict or control the weather this season, but bringing conscious intention to our winter look provides us another form of control: the power over our own image. And that’s a gift we give ourselves.

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