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David Edwards Clothier

Green, Black Navy, Pink Tie Dye V Neck Polo

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Jaime Hemsani (Mexico City) has creatively imagined the iconic polo shirt for the modern man on the go who wants a shirt with ease of movement and keeps him comfortable at any temperature or activity.  The pull-over v neck tie dye expresses sophistication and sexiness.   

Jaime and I prioritize quality over quantity, with all garments crafted in limited numbers.

David Edwards Clothier is the exclusive U.S. store of the Jaime Hemsani Collection.

  • 100% microfiber
  • Pattern: tie dye
  • Sleeve: solid navy band
  • Italian collar
  • Sizes available: medium(2), large (1) 
  • Colors: navy, green, cerulean, pink, white
  • Free UPS shipping & return
  • Free same day Chicago delivery (limited availability-15 mile radius)
  • Made in Mexico

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