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David Edwards Clothier

Rakish Style Polo Shirt

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Jaime Hemsani (Mexico City) has creatively imagined the iconic polo shirt for the modern man on the go who wants a shirt with ease of movement and keeps him comfortable at any temperature or activity.  He designed this polo for the man who wants to add a rakish style to his wardrobe.  Consider this your go-to shirt for a tantalizing evening out on the town.

This shirt has limited availability because we believe in small collections that are not repeated.

David Edwards Clothier is the exclusive US store of the Jaime Hemsani Collection.

  • 100% microfiber
  • Pattern
  • 8 black button closure
  • Placard with jet black piping
  • Short sleeve with jet black piping
  • Colors:  white, jet black
  • Free overnight UPS shipping
  • Free same day Chicago delivery (limited availability-10 mile radius)
  • Made in Mexico

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